MUA Spotlight: @KerrishaTichiana

Always trust in yourself.
— Kerrisha Tischiana

Location: New York

mua: Kerrisha Tichiana

Instagram: @KerrishaTichiana 

#HBDrift: How long have you been working in the make up industry?

Kerrisha: I’ve been doing makeup for quite some years now but I’ve been doing It professionally for 4 years.

#HBDrift: Any advice for future or beginner make up artists?

Kerrisha: As artist sometimes it’s so hard to give up & to lose focus in your craft but in order to be the best at what you do you must always trust in yourself & through practice your work will speak for itself.

#HBDrift: What products would you recommend for others to achieve the two looks in the photos below?

Kerrisha: Well for starters of course I recommend Glo Up Cosmetics Glo Powders, they were key in achieving the looks I created. A few others would be Aj Crimson foundation, which gave my models skin a beautiful skin like finish, along with OMGLO Hydrating Glow Mist which helped to assist in the glowy makeup look I was going for.


Photos by Tommy T

Models: Roberta, Subira

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