INTERVIEW: Henry Bonna, Founder of Bonna Collection

 Henry Bonna @ DRIFT NYC Website Launch

Henry Bonna @ DRIFT NYC Website Launch

Always remember it doesn’t matter how many people do exactly what you do, when you’re in your own lane there’s no traffic!
— Henry Bonna

1| You've evolved in many different ways, describing The Bonna Collection as a "Luxury and Urban Chic Brand" that's ranged from women's and menswear, travel accessories and more. You've certainly accomplished a lot, what advice do you have for any emerging designers that may be heading in your direction? 

Henry Bonna: One thing I wouldn't tell a designer headed in my direction is to work hard, they should already know that. What I would tell them is to stick to their dream and vision, to never change it or settle for anything under it. I would tell them to give up on trying to make people understand their vision and dream because they won't ever understand until you make it a reality. None of the hard work, sacrifices, and obstacles your going to face will make sense to them unless you show them the outcome.

Ebony Skater Gown by the Bonna Collection

2| How would you describe your own evolution of style from the Bonna Collection's first Ready to Wear Collection debuted back in 2014  compared to the present? 

Henry Bonna: One thing my brand will remain is one of growth. This company has grown tremendously since the launch in 2014 and thats the way I like to keep things. To keep my supporters on  the edge, every garment that is released whether for men or women is always an upgrade from the last garment. So it keeps my supporters always excited to see whats next.

3| Through Instagram we see how devoted you are to family life, how important are your loved ones in regards to your vision for The Bonna Collection? 

Henry Bonna: To me family is everything and more of a reason I always promote the brand name, I want people to understand that this company is bigger than me. I'm bringing new people into the brand name all the time mainly to create growth and opportunity so that when I am gone my son can one day run this company or can put someone in the position to run it. Family is what drives the business and the motto for it.

Black Widow Gown by the Bonna Collection

4| We've already seen your designs worn by the likes of rappers like Cash Out and Fabolous, your designs have also been spotted a number of times on Revolt TV & News. Should we keep our eyes open for any more appearances this year 👀? 

Henry Bonna: Yes this year you can expect to see the clothing everywhere, not so much on any rappers in particular but a few actors and actresses this year. Red carpet events and etc..

5| This past winter, you debuted #BonnaFurs. What inspired your start in Fur designing, and can we expect more for Winter 2016?

Henry Bonna: Before actually having my own company I always wore fur so actually being in the industry, I decided to branch out and start designing my own. I signed a deal with a major furrier company that made everything much better, but have always had a keen eye for fur just never had the resources to making my own.

6| Would you mind speaking on any new projects your working on? Let the Bonna Collection admirer's know a bit about what they have to look forward to?

 Henry Bonna: Yes yes I'm currently working on hiring and training new employees to the company, and getting ready for a pop up shop coming this July.