INTERVIEW: Kayode Owolabi, Founder of Kayode Co. Jewelry

Create Like A God, Command Like A King, Work Like A Slave...
— Kayode Owolabi, Founder of Kayode Co. Jewelry

1| Your all over the place! your jewelry has been spotted on the likes of Chris Brown, August Alsina, Rihanna, Kid Red, how does it feel? 

Kayode: It feels wonderful and it's a God blessing to have these people notice my creativity! It came with hard work and determination.

2| Have you noticed a difference in the accessory industry today compared to when you first begun?  

Kayode: I don't think there's nothing really different. Jewelry is fashion everything recycles, meaning something from the 1980s can still be use in this generation and still be ho.

 all photos shot by @ishotaaron

all photos shot by @ishotaaron

3| What was it about the deign process that appealed to you and made you want to begin jewelry making? 

Kayode: My real passion is to design clothes, but it takes time to do that. I thought of something people wear everyday , which is jewelry. So why not use my creative mind for that. The point is to make something no one has seen before and make it appealing.

4| Hand making your own jewelry, running everything on your own must be tough, how do you juggle it all?

Kayode: It's a hard process, but that's something you get use to, making sure orders are delivered properly and on time or I'll bring the orders with me if I'm local in the United States and mail it out where I'm at. 

5| Name one thing you feel all businessmen need to know.

Kayode: Different types of marketing strategies and how to approach people while explaining your business. 

6| Can you name a few of your favorite designers? 

Kayode: Alexander Wang and Jennifer Fisher.

7| What would be the most valuable lesson you've learned since starting your label? 

Kayode: When starting a business, everything is all business and everything has to be on point. There are no time for distractions. 

8| We love your fishbone necklaces, which would you say is your most favorite jewelry piece and why? 

Kayode: My favorite piece is the Gold Fishbone Link With The Skull and Fedora "Lit Papi Skull Chain".

9| Through Instagram, you've become well known for your sense of style, is there an outfit or a particular item you may need ASAP?  

Kayode: I dress myself, everything comes together by itself. There's too many dope items out right now to choose from!

10| Would you rather LA or New York for creative inspiration? Why?

Kayode: I'd rather be in LA, I lived in NYC all my life. NYC opened up the door for me to be in LA. LA is full of success and that's where everyone makes it, so why not share my gift in LA. 

11| What can your fans expect for the rest of 2015 from Kayode Co. Jewelry?

Kayode: We Will Be Launch Durning Fashion Week In Fall 2015, Just Get Ready For That. Our Website Will Be launching Also. 💪🏿

12| Any advice for aspiring designers?

Kayode: Work Hard. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!