INTERVIEW: John Oliver of OLIVER New York & The BKA Station

In order to succeed, you must sacrifice!
— John Oliver

 1| Through your Instagram we see how heavily involved you are in Product Development from start to finish not only for OLIVER New York, but you offer service to other brands as well.. How experienced would you describe yourself in the field? 

John Oliver:  R&D is very important when it comes to brands I've spent countless $$ to understand that the hard way I didn't have anyone to teach me. That's why I offer and teach others. I'm learning everyday. It's because I want to learn. It's not work for me. It's fun. 

2| You clearly have an eye for fashion, what made you get involved in this industry?  

John Oliver:  When I was in the 6th grade a teacher by the name Ms Phillips had the whole class write on a star what we wanted to be. I wrote movie director because I'm very visual. She laughed and said I should chose something else, it hurt me and I'll never forget it. I should thank her too because I wouldn't be where I am now, that same day I changed my mind to become a fashion designer. I don't think I'm fashionable, I feel my style based on my mood. That's what fashion is. It's an emotional decision that one makes on a daily basis.

3| You and your partners over at BKA Station recently raised over 6k in donations to "Save New York Clothing Manufacturing" through a Kickstarter campaign online! How has this helped the BKA station?

John Oliver: The money will go towards over head like rent and inventory for the brands. Which will keep the workers working.

4| As Co-Owner of the Brooklyn Alchemist Station, we imagine things can get quite hectic sometimes juggling OLIVER NewYork and offering services at The BKA Station, how have you managed both over the years?

John Oliver: Man... My partner. Couldn't do it without him.

 Brooklyn Alchemist Station

5| Exactly what services are offered by the Brooklyn Alchemist Station? 

John Oliver: R&D, but we do what factories don't we offer patterns and the clients bring their own fabrics. Its a private label option.

6| NYC is home to thousands of manufacturers. What characteristics separate your factory from others in NYC for those looking for custom designs or manufacturing services?

John Oliver: We provide pattern instead of clients having to clients having to pay for them.

7| Do you have any advice to give for those working everyday to reach their goals in this industry? 

John Oliver: Take their time. Fashion isn't going anywhere. Fashion is a fickle and that you should find a timeless item and focus on mastering that.

8| What should we expect from OLIVER New York SS/2015?

John Oliver: Simplicity, diversity, and high quality fabrics.


 Brooklyn Alchemist Station

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